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Spring is here, and so is Balor! 🌸

Happy spring! Mistria's favorite traveling merchant Balor has arrived with the cherry blossoms.

Balor is one of Mistria's marriage candidates. You'll regularly find him staying at the Sleeping Dragon Inn and selling his wares at the market. He always has a smile and a great deal ready for customers, but something seems suspicious about his low, low prices…are you ready to uncover this rogue’s secrets?

This is our first proper introduction for Balor, though some of you may recognize him! He appears in some of Mistria's earliest concept art and is even hiding in Reina's reveal post. Just like Balor to sneak his way into everything!

We've already revealed six marriage candidates, but there are many more yet to come. What are you looking for in a marriage candidate? Let us know by signing up for our newsletter!

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Exequiel Pulgar
Exequiel Pulgar
Mar 25, 2021

So cool!

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