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The Fields of Mistria logo. It's white with tall letters and black outlines.

Steam Early Access

A key art image featuring the game's dateable characters on a blue background with clouds.

Fields of Mistria launches into Steam Early Access on August 5th!


We are delighted to announce that Fields of Mistria will enter Early Access on August 5th! We've been hard at work filling Mistria with magic, and we can't wait for you to experience it!

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So, why Early Access, you ask? Early Access will allow us to hear your feedback as we continue to shape and refine the game in the leadup to the 1.0 release. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts along the way!

Early Access FAQ

Why is Fields of Mistria coming out in Early Access?


Fields of Mistria will be released into Steam in early access so that players can experience all the game already has to offer, with dozens of hours of gameplay through all four seasons! We also hope to incorporate player feedback into our updates in the lead up to 1.0 to make the game the best it can be at full release.

How much will Fields of Mistria cost in Early Access?

Fields of Mistria will be priced at $13.99 USD in Early Access. Any potential price increase at the 1.0 release will be determined at a later time.

How long will Fields of Mistria be in Early Access?


Fields of Mistria is currently planned to be in EA for roughly one year with regular content updates planned along the way. 


What is in Fields of Mistria Early Access?


There is so much to enjoy already! Please see the points below for a more detailed look at what to expect:

🌾 Gameplay

  • Customize your character and unlock a variety of hairstyles and cosmetics in-game.

  • Play through the four seasons with unique weather, crops, forage, fish, insects, and more!

  • Grow 50+ different crops throughout the year.

  • Raise a variety of adorable animals, and even breed them to discover rare color variants.

  • Give your animals toys to play with, and even dress them up with their own cosmetics!

  • Crafting, Cooking, and Blacksmithing are available with over 600 items to craft!

  • Complete over 50 museum sets through fishing, bug catching, farming, mining and archaeology!

  • Explore the depths below Mistria (down to level 60 with more to come) with engaging combat and surprises in store.

  • Unlock and browse the weekly Saturday Market with 4 of 8 planned unique vendor stalls. 

  • Compete in the Spring Festival to win a range of special prizes.

  • Upgrade your home (with more upgrades to come)  and customize it with over 200 available items.

  • Unlock Powerful Magic Spells to aid you in your experience.

  • Level up 9 different skill types and unlock powerful skill perks for each.



💖 Villagers

  • Meet and befriend 30+ characters including 10 marriage candidates and 2 special marriage candidates.

  • Raise marriage candidate hearts up to 4 hearts and unlock their unique 2 and 4 heart events. (Additional heart level progression and events will be added up to 10 hearts via planned updates.)

  • Get to know the villagers' dynamic daily routines that change based on seasons, weather, and special events.

  • Villagers have unique seasonal outfits and special beach outfits for the romanceables.

  • Villagers have a variety of beautiful and expressive animated portraits.


📖 Story

  • Rebuild and revitalize Mistria through a series of main story quests, with future content planned.

  • Raise Mistria’s renown and Star Rank from a lowly Wood Star rank up through Sapphire Star rank (with more ranks on the way via planned updates).

  • Begin to unravel the mysteries of the town’s past and the return of magic power to the land.

  • Enjoy 5,000+ lines of unique character dialogue and dozens of cutscenes.

  • Complete dozens of hand-written requests available daily at the town’s request board, with more on the way.


And that's just the beginning! With regular updates planned throughout Early Access, there will always be something new coming to Mistria! Keep an eye on our social media channels, website, and Steam page for all the latest updates and roadmaps as they become available!


Coming soon. Keep an eye on this space!

A gif of Fields of Mistria gameplay, showing the player placing pink picnic furniture near a field of flowers.
A gif of Fields of Mistria gameplay, showing Elsie and Hemlock performing on stage at the Spring Festival while a small crowd looks on.
A gif of Fields of Mistria gameplay, showing the player speaking to the stone statue of the gaurdian dragon, Caldarus. The text box reads "Mistria was a bountiful place in my time, I am glad to hear it is still so.".
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