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✨Magical Things Are Coming to Mistria in 2024

Happy 2024! We are officially in the release year for Fields of Mistria! While we are not ready to share an exact release date yet, we can share some of the great things our team has been working on, as well as a sneak peek into what's coming up this year! ✨

🎀 Saturday Market

🍰 Cooking and Crafting

⛏️ Mines

✨ Upcoming Alpha

🎀 Saturday Market

As you restore Mistria, you'll get the opportunity to bring a Market to town! On Saturday merchants from far and wide travel to Mistria and transform the town square into a shopper's paradise. Sweet treats, cozy furniture, and fashionable clothing can all be found for the right price!

The vendors have their own likes and dislikes as well, with special events to unlock if you become good enough friends with them!

🍰 Cooking and Crafting

Cooking and crafting have been implemented! We can't wait for you to see all the tasty food and cute furniture you can make from materials you've grown, foraged, or purchased.

Recipe scrolls can be obtained in several ways, from completing quests, shipping certain items, and even improving your town rank. Crafted food can restore your HP/Stamina when eaten, but residents of Mistria are also known to love a home-cooked meal as a gift!

Furniture Scrolls can be used to unlock craftable furniture sets and all furniture can be placed both in your home and outside on your farm.

⛏️ Mines

One of the biggest projects the team has been working on is the Mistrian Mines. The mine's levels have been updated with improved floor plans, unique monsters and forageables, and other amazing things for you to discover! Just make sure that you plan to come prepared, you never know what you might find underground.

Upcoming Alpha

Finally, we're excited to share that a limited alpha playtest is coming soon! We'll be sharing more information on upcoming alpha dates and how to apply via our Newsletter - so be sure to sign up if you're interested, and stay tuned!

✨Wishlist on Steam✨

Thanks as always for cheering us on as we continue to make Fields of Mistria! We can't wait to share even more exciting updates!

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