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Fields of Mistria's Demo now available for Steam Next Fest!

🌼 Fields of Mistria's very first demo is now playable on Steam for Steam Next Fest! 🌼

The demo is available now until June 17th, 10 am PT.

Come and enjoy a taste of life in Mistria!

The demo features your first three days in Mistria and includes everything from story quests to farming, fishing, exploring, magic, and more! Don't miss out on this delightful sneak peek into Mistria! 


🌸 It's time to get cozy!

We are also excited to announce that Fields of Mistria is fully playable on Steam Deck, including our demo! Now you can take your farming adventure on the go and get cozy wherever you are.

We hope you enjoy it!

Coming to Early Access August 5th

Thanks as always for cheering us on as we continue to make Fields of Mistria! We can't wait to share even more exciting updates!

2 comentários

Saturnz Barz
Saturnz Barz
6 days ago

I missed the demo by a day and now I'm upset I won't get a chance to try out a test before committing to the game in August 😭


Iris The Eye
Iris The Eye
12 de jun.

Aahh it was such a cute demo, can't wait for the real deal !!

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